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“We have been passing out bookmarks and asking people to fill in the name of their veteran and branch of service and then bring a picture to go in our display case,” said library spokeswoman Patricia Slaten.She would also like to have information about where each veteran served and major battles, along with the name and telephone number of the person recognizing the veteran as a hero.Slaten would like to have them on Tuesday or soon afterward so the display can be set up by June 6.

ATHENS — A holiday preceding Tuesday’s primary elections could hinder voter turnout, but Limestone County Probate Judge Mike Davis is hoping locally contested races will keep interest high in Building Inspection Reports.Davis said turnout at past primaries has been decreasing and reached a low 7 percent in recent years.Davis said he hopes to see a 30 percent turnout due to the locally contested races.The circuit court clerk’s office said it receive 205 requests for absentee ballots as of Friday.The deadline was Thursday, but the office allowed some to receive ballots on Friday due to emergencies.

They are district judge Place 1, circuit judge Place 2 and commission District 4.”The election is so close to Memorial Day, that I think it could keep turnout low,” said Pam Wallace, head of the local Democratic Party.With two judges’ races, people ought to be concerned.You never know when you might be in court, and there is not any opposition in November.There is no Republican opposition for the three spots, so the Democratic primary will determine the winners.District Court Judge Jeanne Anderson, who is opposed by attorney James D.

Moffatt.Circuit Court Judge George Anderson, who is opposed by District Judge Bob Baker.District 4 Commissioner Bill Daws, who is opposed by retired county shop foreman Anthony “Shag” Abernathy.Athens City Council President Brian Terry said citizens won’t vote on a commercial development bill until the November general election.If approved, the legislation will give Athens the ability to issue revenue bonds to purchase and develop commercial property.HARTSELLE — The opening of the Country Hearth Inn is the catalyst Hartselle needs to spur commercial development near Alabama 36 and Interstate 65.

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During the past 10 years, records show that Hartselle has issued building permits for 970 new single-family dwellings and 218 apartments. Johnson said the city’s home growth and population increase is linked to the school system’s reputation, Hartselle’s low crime rate and the overall quality of life.

People want to be here, especially for the school system,” he said. The Building Pest Inspection planning department has been proactive when dealing with the declining availability of land for home construction. The department adopted a planning jurisdiction that includes about 15 square miles. The city limits of Hartselle is about 14. 9 square miles. The amount of land in the jurisdiction varies in each direction because Hartselle, in an effort to square the city limits, used section lines to determine the planning jurisdiction. Currently, three property owners have 35 acres they want the city to annex.

The owners will use the land for new home construction, but Hartselle has a moratorium on annexation until after the Aug. 24 municipal election. “It’s hard to prepare an accurate voting list when people continue to come into the city, so the council approved the moratorium,” Johnson explained. Hartselle continues to see moderate commercial and industrial growth. On the industrial side, Cerro Wire has a $1 million equipment expansion in progress. Jeld-Wenn is making a $1. 5 million expansion that will create 20 new jobs in Hartselle.

Lektron, a company that does electronic testing, opened a $1 million plant on U. S. 31 this year. Johnson could not release the names, but he said several companies have inquired about vacant land in the city’s industrial part. Commercial development has been slower than city leaders expected. Steak & Biscuit II opened a 24-hour restaurant on U. S. 31. Kentucky Fried Chicken constructed a $700,000 building, while Tobacco Express is planning a $350,000 expansion. The Wal-Mart SuperCenter is constructing a $400,000 storage area, and Blockbuster Video is building a $500,000 store near Wal-Mart.

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Austinville teacher Leah Archer said the idea will mean her students will have someone to read to them because often parents do not have time or cannot read to their children. Archer said about half of her students next year will be Hispanic, and many of their parents cannot read or speak English. She said the tapes even help adults learn the language.

The Pre purchase Inspection books on tape not only help with their reading and getting them interested in reading, it also helps with their language skills,” Archer said. Often, the only English they hear at home is on television. The idea came out of a homework assignment for Archer’s daughter, Amy, who is in Kilpatrick’s class. I called Ms. Kilpatrick and asked her what she does with the tapes when they’re finished with them,” Archer said. And her response was ‘Nothing after I grade them. ‘Sixth-grader Kelsey Greenwood read “How Much I Love You,” getting the printed word down on tape in one take.

I really liked that book because it had more than one character, so I could use several different voices,” Greenwood said. Daniel Pereira said the best part of the project was doing the different voices on “Arthur’s Teacher Moves In. The students practiced reading their books for two days before putting them on tape. I tried to use strong voices for an older person and a weak voice for little kids in the story,” Pereira said. Pereira said he likes knowing the cassettes he made are helping elementary students learn to read. They work on their oral reading and expressing themselves.

The students also read several books onto videotape, giving Archer an instant story time in class when needed. This doesn’t seem to be a problem for the Tennessee Valley because “droughts tend to be fairly regionalized,” Christy said. The large Tennessee Valley basin may be dry in one part but wetter in another part so the river is not affected overall as much. Because Tennessee has received good amounts of rain, Christy said the hydraulic systems in the Tennessee Valley are doing fine.

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He said that there were a number of public policy issues relating to the Euro that were not directly linked to the question of the United Kingdom’s membership of the single currency. However, in their internal consideration of Mr H’s request, the Treasury made it clear that the impact of the Euro. on competition and trade was a key component of the debate on joining the single currency and that the studies requested by Mr H were only undertaken in relation to the assessment of the five economic tests.

I have no reason to doubt the Treasury’s view on this point and I therefore accept that the information sought by Mr H is related to the planned second assessment of the five economic tests, Pre Inspection Agreement the conclusions of which the Chancellor of the Exchequer has said will be published. also to other information which could reveal in advance the content or nature of the publication or whose disclosure would otherwise be premature in relation to the publication.

In principle, therefore, I believe that Exemption 10 is generally applicable to the kind of information the Treasury wish to protect. However, there is also the question of harm to be considered. UK membership of the European single currency is a sensitive subject and one on which opinion is both vocal and divided.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has called for a national debate on the subject and, because of the magnitude of the decision, the Government has said that the matter should be put to a referendum of the British people. The Treasury’s role in the process of reaching this decision is crucial.

Their assessment of the five economic tests will form the basis of the Government’s decision on whether or not to recommend entry into the single currency. The Treasury’s argument is that the disclosure of the information sought by Mr H would preempt their assessment of the five economic tests and the Government’s decision on membership of the single currency.